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Glass bottles manufacturers use the product performance and performance advantages

- Nov 09, 2017 -

From the current in foreign countries, domestic use point of view can completely solve the total elimination of the past we use a variety of technical performance uneven: for example, adhesion is not strong, easy to fall off, the use of time is not Long, lubricity is not enough, prone to pitting, bubbles, and even bonding mold and so bad phenomenon.

Glass lighting, such as bending, bending, bending, hot melt, embossing, casting, casting and other high temperature lubrication process from mold release. Spraying the product can contact the mold surface to prevent corrosion and increase mold life. Its unique lubricity, non-sticky much higher than similar products, make the product after forming a transparent, smooth, more high-grade.

  • Glass Casserole Dish with Plastic Lid
  • Transparent Borosilicate Glass Bakeware
  • Dog and Cat Food Storage Containers
  • Glass Lunch Containers with Lids
  • Professional Food Storage Containers
  • Moth Proof Food Storage Containers

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