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Pickles Bottles, Glass Bottles Of The Production Process

- Nov 09, 2017 -

The main raw material of glass bottles is natural ore, quartz, caustic soda, limestone and so on. Glass bottles have a high degree of transparency and corrosion resistance, and contact with most chemicals does not occur when the material properties change. The manufacturing process is simple, free and changeable shape, hardness, heat resistance, clean, easy to clean, and has the characteristics of reusable. Glass bottles as a packaging material is mainly used for food, oil, alcohol, beverages, condiments, cosmetics and liquid chemical products, a wide range of uses. However, glass bottles also have its disadvantages, such as heavy weight, high transportation and storage costs, impatience and impact.

  • 2 Divider Microwavable Food Storage Containers
  • Large Airtight Food Storage Containers
  • Dog and Cat Food Storage Containers
  • Eco-friendly Food Storage Containers for Leftovers
  • 4 Piece Dry Food Storage Containers
  • BPA Free Glass Food Storage Containers

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