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Use Glass To Pay Attention To

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Use the glass to pay attention to the place, glass Use reminder:

1, before using the glass, please wash with a soft cloth warm water;

2, in order to avoid the impact of cup scratches beautiful, do not use a rough metal wire ball to wipe the cup;

3, the glass into the boiling water, the water level should not be over, so as not to overflow when brewing tea;

4, Do not put the glass into the microwave, disinfection cabinet and other high-temperature appliances in the direct heating, so as to avoid deformation of the cup, affecting the use of effect;

5, clockwise to unscrew the lid (right hand twist towards yourself from left to right), otherwise it may cause burns;

6, children with caution, to prevent supplies from breaking or scalding themselves.

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